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First and foremost, C4JT is a nonprofit consulting service for the small jails of America.

We do everything possible to keep our services free to these jails.

We are flexible across a broad spectrum of topics and solutions.

Local Church Training
The unique C4JT Church Training Course is a 3-hour training, typically conducted using Zoom, when a group of churches in a community wants to become "jail ministry aware". Our general guidelines is for there to be 4-5 churches already linked together, including a pastor and at least 2 volunteers per church. This group forms the nucleus of potential volunteers in the local jail for on-going ministry and, eventually, jail transformation! The CTC flyer is here, in PDF format.

C3 - Community Coalition Coaching

C4JT offers the C3 program to community stakeholders interested in creating a directory of

resources and services for those coming out of jail back into the community.


Our experience has been that it costs no money to solve most of the resource needs

in your community -

it just takes some concerned citizens

investing one hour per month to assemble (and keep updated)

the Community Resource Directory

C4JT provides a free template for the directory and free coaching

on putting together the coalition and the directory. Read more here...

Jail Staff Ministry

For a jail to be truly transformed, there must be ministry and support to the staff. Our team will work with your leadership to implement various types of faith-based ministry to your staff. It is usually a mix of media sources, coaching by one of our leaders (often via Zoom), ministry from the local church community, and expanding the chaplaincy resources to cover the staff as well as the inmates.

Next-Level Chaplaincy

At C4JT, we have a vision of raising up an army of volunteers -- not just church members ministering in the jail -- but Christians who see their local jail as the next mission field and themselves as missionaries for Christ! And we take it one step further: we want to train each one to be an effective JAIL CHAPLAIN missionary - one who has specific training for ministering and working in the local jail setting. We believe that this is the NEXT WAVE in missions and we are building a platform for success for those who are called to it!

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